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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Free postage on all baby shoes from sunshadow - until Monday 14th Dec !!

Hello there everyone, sorry i've been a little quiet. The Mullumbimby Christmas shopping night took all my focus for a little while. We had a great night, and it was so wonderful to see all the beautiful art and wonderful creations our unique area produces. Thank you to all those who exhibited and all who visited - making the night such a great success.

So a great offer if you have little ones to buy for this Christmas time. If you are here in Australia, SunShadow are offering free shipping on all of our Baby sizes.

Great value, hand crafted and ideal as first shoes, each pair as unique as the little toes that fill them !

Available in 3 sizes 6-12months, (12cms) 12-18 months (13cms) 18-24 months (14cms)

For only $30.00 per pair with free shipping

Please email me directly with the size and design you would like to place an order, or call me anytime on 02 6684 3445 with any questions.

Thanks, Tracey and the Sunshadow Crew ;-))

Monday, November 2, 2009

oopps.......Late prize draw !!

Hi there, so sorry prize draw will be a bit late this month as i'm organising our local Christmas Shopping night and it's just mad 'round here.
Promise to update yo on this months winner later in the week :-))

In the meantime if you're local to Byron shire, check out this great event.....


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Results are in !!!! - September prize draw winner !!

Hi there everyone - so sorry to keep you in suspense.....a very busy long weekend with Byron Market and a Special Music camp hosted by Cape Byron Steiner School have kept me away from my mac !
Anyway, I won't keep you waiting a moment longer. The SunSahdow Slippers September prize draw took place in our beautiful Australian sunshine, with help from Jasmine and Daisy
( two of your busy SunShadow crew ) and Cassy and Naomi who were staying with us from Little Yarra School. And the winner of our family gift pack is...................................................

Sara, who is one of our fab Etsy sellers based in Sydney. She has a great Etsy shop known as Willow and Moo. Congratulations to Sara, but don't be disheartened we will be having a prize draw each month so the October winner could well be you.

Sara is a stay at home mum who loves to Dye, if you would like to see her work check out her Etsy shop, blog or Flickr pages.

I will automatically put your details forward each month unless you ask me to remove you from the prize draw list. ( Please don't worry about me spamming you with lots of hard sell stuff because i really can't stand that !)

Next draw will be Spooky Saturday 31st October, and we promise to do it before we go out trick or treating !!
Watch this blog for what will be a real treat for the kids this month.
We are starting to get our Christmas orders in, can i ask you to please order as early as possible particularly if you are overseas.
you can email me directly on

or convo me from my Etsy shop

For Australian buyers i am also now selling on Made it, check it out.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Only 48 hours now until our free draw for a fab family gift pack.

Just a couple of days left until we find out who has won this great four pair gift pack. Don't forget to email me with your details if you're not already in the draw.
And remember you even get to choose the sizes and colours you need for your family.

We are very lucky to have two students from Little Yarra Steiner School staying with us this week for our music camp so they will be helping us to choose the winning ticket !!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No Printing today !

We have the weirdest weather !!! A dust storm has blown in and it feels like a eerie place here today. Let's hope there;s no sign of the yellow brick road. The photo with the trees was taken just moments ago in my garden.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What the Experts say !

I found this fascinating and i hope you will too.....thanks so much to Kim who is a wonderful podiatrist if you live anywhere near Samford, QLD :-))

The foot is a complex structure of 26 bones and 35 joints, held together and supported by numerous ligaments. Children begin to walk between 10 and 18 months of age. Most toddlers are flat-footed when they first start walking because of poor muscle tone and weak ligaments in their feet. This will improve as the feet strengthen. Barefoot crawling, walking and playing is the best way to facilitate the development of strength, balance and dexterity of children’s feet. In young, healthy children with normal physical development, it is true to say that ‘barefoot is best’ but this is not always practical.

For toddler’s learning to walk the best shoe is one that mimics bare feet. A child learning to walk receives important sensory information from the soles of their feet. Shoes, particularly those with hard, heavy and inflexible soles, can make walking more difficult. A flexible, soft-soled moccasin can not only provide environmental protection for the child’s foot when learning to walk but also allows the normal amount of foot motion and function to occur. In a flexible-soled shoe or slipper the foot muscles are allowed to work and strengthen with every step, allowing the young child’s foot to become stronger and more efficient.

‘Sunshadow Slippers’ are a soft-soled, lightweight, flexible indoor slipper made from natural materials that offer good protection from the environment without restricting the development of growing feet. For strong, healthy feet ensure your toddler’s have lots of barefoot time and when requiring some protection consider soft-soled moccasins like ‘Sunshadow Slippers’ that mimic barefoot walking.

Kim Edwards


Foot Health Clinic, Samford


Monday, September 21, 2009

Trouble with link !!

Hello there,
Have just spent a great weekend down in Sydney, such a wonderful and vibrant place to visit. I love the city but i always appreciate the quiet, peaceful life that living in the countryside gives.
Great to go away and great to be back home !!!

I think a couple of people have had trouble with the email link for the free giveaway draw. So sorry, i'm not sure what the problem is as i just added it as a link.

I will have another go here and see if i can sort it out, if not the only thing i can suggest is that you could copy and paste it - if anyone has more technical knowledge than me and knows what the problem is i would really appreciate the feedback.

Lots of enteries for the draw now so keep your fingers crossed !!!

Here we go - tracey@sunshadowslippers.com.au

Friday, September 18, 2009

Only 12 days left !!!

If you want to be in the running for our great September give away then time is getting short.

On September 30th we will make the draw and one lucky winner will get a family pack of Slippers free !!!!!!

You can even choose your own sizes and colours, Check out the photo further down or have a look in our Etsy shop to see what you could win.

Just email me with your details - it couldn't be easier.
Good luck......

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sunshadow Slippers are being featured in Etsy treasury!!

This morning started well and just got better!!
I had a fabulous walk with my two dogs out in the early morning sunshine and came home to find that a pair of our slippers had been chosen for an Etsy Treasury - what an honor.

If you would like to have a look at all the other wonderful items in beautiful fall colours heres the link

and have a look at Freedom's shop - just love it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free Family gift pack for this months lucky winner !

If your family would like warm and cosy feet around the house in winter or summer then why not enter our free draw for a gift pack containing four pairs of hand made cotton (washable!) slippers.
Each pair is uniquely crafted in our home from lycra cotton which we hand dye in an array of beautiful colours and gorgeous motifs from nature.
Perfect for wearing around the home or in the classroom, the soles are soft split suede and inside there is the softest insole cut from pure wool felt. The insole is removable for warmer days allowing your feet to experience nurture in all weathers.

Sizes and colours of your choice this gift has a retail value of over $140.
Just send an email to me with 'september free draw' in the subject line for a chance to win. The draw will be made on September 30th and we will let you all know the lucky winner.

If your not lucky this month these gift packs are available now from our Etsy shop.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

slippers to fall in love with.....butterflies with a 'shimmer'

Just listed..........................

THE FIRST PAIR FROM OUR NEW 'MOON SHADOW' RANGE Glitz and glitter, fun and girly. These super sweet handmade slippers are the perfect indoor wear! This pair are 14 centmeters, 5.5 inches, approx 18-24 months. But can be made as a custom order in any size for all fairy feet. Totally natural fibre and unique design.

Available now from our etsy shop.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hey there everyone, just a quickie today to let you know that all at Sunshadow will be off on holidays for July. Still available on email.
Will be posting during our travels so look forward to keeping in touch !!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wave - Wearable arts @ Shearwater Steiner School

Life is truly busy and all the children are in full rehearsal for this years fabulous wearable arts production at school.
Here is a photo of the winning piece from last year - (modeled by my eldest!!!)

If you are interested in seeing more - and there is so much more to see then here's the link


Funky original ladybug slippers for mum - by Sunshadow Slippers. US 10 (26cms)

Funky original ladybug slippers for mum - by Sunshadow Slippers. US 10 (26cms)
Each pair of these unique slippers is hand made by myself at our home just outside Byron Bay in the beautiful region of Northern Rivers NSW and this pair is a complete one off!!

We have created a line of natural fibre, light shoes for indoor wear that are as individual as each pair of feet which snuggle into them!

The tops are two layers of cotton, hand printed with a beautiful motif from nature. The soles are the softest leather and inside are a cosy insole made from 100% pure wool felt.

PLEASE SEE OUR SHOP INFORMATION TO HELP YOU WITH SIZING - I recommend this just because I want you to be thrilled with your slippers when you get them.

I am happy to guarantee the workmanship of these slippers for a full two years – it means that they can stand much wear and tear!!!

This listing is for 1 pair of Hand made, natural fibre slippers or indoor shoes in size-
26 Cms - aprox 10.2 inches
US ladies 10, Euro41.

If your interested they are available from My Etsy shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6036247

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well, finally some sunshine to warm our souls and print our slippers. As the photos here show while the rest of Byron Shire have been enjoying the almost summer like weather conditions, here at SunShadow we have been printing and printing to ensure warm and cosy toes all round!!

So if you are awaiting an order then look out for your ‘postie’ ( or courier service) next week because all new stock is on it’s way.

Many thanks for your patience, and we hope you are all enjoying happy holidays!!

Tracey (and crew) at SunShadow.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Another day another downpour!!!!!
Well, still no printing happening here at SunShadow. Lucky there's housework to do and chocolate cakes to make. (Neither of which i do well!)

I wanted to share with you some information about a local charity which SunShadow is so happy to be supporting.
African leaf inc. started in Byron Bay to Love, Educate, Acknowledge and Feed orphaned,abandoned, vunerable and abused children in Kenya.

Last year we supplied almost 100 pairs of slippers for the children in the project and those slippers will be arriving in Kenya shortly.
We just can't wait to see how the children like the bright colours and the animal motifs.

Monday, March 30, 2009

An update on slipper production here at SunShadow Slippers from waterlogged Mullumbimby.

I thought it may be an idea to show everyone the difficulties involved in producing a hand made item which is so dependant on the warm and sunshine for it’s colouring technique!!!!!

Most people imagine Australia to be arid and dry, we hear much about the drought, which is creating great difficulties for our farmers. Well, we are blessed to live in an area of Australia with the second highest annual rainfall and at the moment it certainly feels that way.

The SunShadow range of shoes is produced here in Mullumbimby using photo sensitive or sun reactive dyes. This means that each pair needs a good dose of sunshine to set the colours and obtain the motif effect. As the photo below shows……..mmmmmm…….not very possible just at the moment.

We have lots of our customers awaiting deliveries and just no way to get those slippers made!
For those of you who have placed an order please know that we are working as fast as our Subtropical weather will allow and we will do our best to keep you up to date.

For those who wish to place an order, please allow us extra time to get it to you if you can, and if it is a ‘rush job’ please make sure that we know so we can prioritise it for you.

Please feel free to give us a call if you need to discuss anything at all!

You can see i'm not the only one who is wishing the rain would stop today!